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A tribute to Claudio Coccoluto at MIR Tech
The fifth edition of MIR Tech - from today to next Tuesday at the Rimini Exhibition Center - wanted to open the first day with a tribute to Claudio Coccoluto, one of the personalities who left his mark most not only in music, but in the culture itself of our Village. During the talk ´Faccio cose, ballo persone´ (I do things, dance people), colleagues, friends and family members of the famous DJ intervened to celebrate the artist and the man with personal and professional anecdotes. The journalist Pierfrancesco Pacoda underlined that ´discos and clubs must be not only places of entertainment, but also a basin to give birth to new languages. Claudio was fully aware of the social role of these spaces, which become familiar to those who frequent them. We must hope that we return to that idea, that is to the pleasure of being together ´. Sergio Cerruti, President of AFI and a close friend, recounted the battle Coccoluto carried out to the last, to give the right social and professional credit to the figure of the DJ. In fact, even during the health crisis, Coccoluto became a spokesperson for institutions to obtain greater attention for the entire category of live entertainment, deeply affected by the pandemic. ´Claudio was an artist with a capital A. A true communicator, who has played a fundamental role in defusing preconceptions about the world of nightlife and discos. We must start from his vision to look to the future with positivity. The future is now and his son Gianmaria is the best demonstration of this´. The latter recalled: ´My father left me an enormous legacy, above all thanks to his profound knowledge of music: his particular touch was truly formative. However, he never imposed his musical taste on me, but he left me freedom of expression to find my way´. Paola, his wife: ´he was an always present figure, wherever he could. He was a conqueror in every sector, even in the family. Artistic and unpredictable ´. Maurizio Pasca, president of Silb: ´the dialogue with Claudio has always been sincere and constructive. Together with his family, we want to create some initiatives that will allow him to be remembered year after year ´. Finally, Senator Marco Croatti: ´Figures like that of Coccoluto have been very important for several generations. Because they have elevated the clubs to places of synergy, culture, and aggregation. The value of a personality like yours remains and will remain over the years ´.

Roberto Cenci, between music and direction
From music to TV, from drums to the camera. The well-known TV director Roberto Cenci was today a guest at MIR Tech at Rimini Expo Centre. Interviewed by Tommaso Toma, director of Billboard Italia, Cenci retraced his career talking about the present and the future of television directing in Italy. ´Music has played an important role in my life. Studying at the conservatory allowed me to develop a rhythm that was useful for marking the times in my director´s career´, he began. ´The new technologies have changed the usability of the television medium, especially from the point of view of production times. However, extreme technical precision is required. I tend to never distinguish it from the content part: they are two worlds that must come together to have a successful result. And this happens if you play as a team. The machine must be compact, from the director to the technician ´. And he continued: ´the language of television has changed, but this is independent of the technological factor. There has been a real evolution of the content. Especially starting from Big Brother: the filter broke and the public became an interpreter of television´. To conclude, a piece of advice: ´I learned by doing. I started as a musician, drummer in Rai. I then approached the world of directors. Today I tell the boys that to achieve their professional goals it is certainly necessary to study but combined with a lot of passion and commitment. You shouldn´t be in a hurry to get things´.

MIR Tech - States General of the music industry in Italy
Moderated by the journalist Pierfrancesco Pacoda, the ´General States of the music industry´ took place today at MIR Tech (Rimini Exhibition Center, March 27 - 29). a comparison between the most representative associations of the music sector and with the institutions, to evaluate together the strategies and reforms necessary to ensure the best restart of a sector that is highly representative of national culture. As stated by Enzo Mazza, CEO of FIMI and Representative of SCF, ´a market emerges divided between the success of streaming platforms (+ 27% in the two years of the pandemic) - to which the investments of the major record companies contributed - and the difficulty who lives the show live. It is necessary to restart, and it is essential that all institutions become aware of this and authorize substantial aid for independent labels and clubs. In this way I am sure that the sector will return to having the numbers before the pandemic. ´An important factor is the presence of Italian music in the world: in 2021 there was a growth of + 60%, a figure that allowed Italy to be in the Top ten of international markets. The Honorable Federico Mollicone, of the Culture Commission in the Chamber of Deputies and Representative of ICAS (Parliamentary Intergroup, Culture, Art and Sport), stressed that a transversal lobby is necessary to obtain adequate support for the reopening. ´It is important to get people used to cultural consumption again in order for the sector to restart´. In this regard, Sergio Cerruti, President of AFI, reiterated that ´we are a people founded on the culture of entertainment, but only in Emilia Romagna 10% of the structures in the sector will no longer reopen and many professionals have changed jobs. Those who want to work in the entertainment world must have the certainty of being able to do so ´. In conclusion, Massimo Benini, President of Evolution, stated that ´we risk losing one of the distinctive features of our country: small clubs and live music venues. We must pay maximum attention not only to big concerts, but also to small realities, because live entertainment will really restart from them ´.

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