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The economic outline of the audio, video and lighting sectors for entertainment, at Rimini Expo Centre from 27th to 29th March for Italian Exhibition Group´s MIR Tech

Night entertainment is ready to start anew

For several years, the night entertainment world and, in particular, the disco, dancehall and night club sector has undergone a process of transformation, at both structural level and as far as how they are used by the public is concerned.
This process has obviously been greatly conditioned by the Covid pandemic, which, due to the lengthy lockdown period, has led to an almost total blockage of business.
According to trade associations´ estimates, in 2020 alone losses for the live sector totalled approximately 950 million euros between those of a direct (350 million) and induced (600 million) nature.

The disco sector was particularly hard hit. According to trade members, the situation is still precarious, above all due to the many uncertainties still remaining.
This is the reason for the increasingly urgent requests with the Government regarding the elimination of the limits of admittance to the venues (still currently 50% of their total capacity) and the measures to combat the many forms of unauthorized activity that damages regular enterprises. In particular, this regards the increasingly numerous events that, above all during the summer, are held in places unsuited to this type of activity.

In any case, in spite of the continuation of an overall atmosphere of uncertainty, forecasts for the 2020 season are characterized by cautious optimism, subject to the overcoming of the limits applied up until now and thanks to the very eager expectations on behalf of the traditional public.

Sources: SILB / AFI -Associazione Fonografici Italia / Assomusica

The industry of equipment and systems for entertainment is going strong, particularly abroad

Systems and lighting for shows and events represent a small niche in the overall sector of the Italian lighting industry. But it is a niche that grew constantly until 2019, with annual percentages of between 1.8-2% and a turnover of over 700 million euros, of which 75% comes from foreign sales and involves about forty enterprises with a workforce of approximately 1,400.

Until 2019, Italy, with a share of 4% of the international market was the world´s fourth exporter of lighting systems after China (56%), Germany (6%) and Mexico (5%). Italian products are essentially high quality and used above all for large events.
The major markets for export were and still are France, Germany, Great Britain and USA. The demand from Russia increased considerably recently, but this market is now compromised.

Following a sharp drop in 2020 (-17.5%), in 2021 Italy´s exports recovered. In fact, in the January-November period, there was a rise of 16.3% in the entire Italian lighting sector for a value of 1.54 billion euros. The countries to which Italian exports increased the most are United States (+35.3%), Great Britain (+33.9%), Germany (+19%) and France (+15.7%).

Although this is a rather small sector, it stands out worldwide for the high quality of its products, which manage to beat the very fierce international competition, starting from those manufactured in China, which, while absolutely dominating the market, is still concentrated on medium quality manufacturing.

Sources: Assoluce . Federlegno Arredo

Organizers: Italian Exhibition Group SpA in collaboration with APIAS, SILB FIPE, ENA; Frequency: annual; Edition: 5th; Admission: professionals, trade members and general public; Group Exhibition manager: Andrea Ramberti; Exhibition manager: Romina Magnani; website:

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