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On 6th May 2018, the opening day of the IEG event at Rimini expo centre, trade and industry members will be able to discover the backstage of the organization of the largest musical event ever held in Italy: Vasco Rossi´s mega concert at the Ferrari park

.Rimini 15th December 2017 - What features are necessary for a concert to beat the world record for the largest number of paying spectator, as happened with Vasco Rossi´s ´Modena Park 2017´? This will be the story told precisely by the key players responsible for the development of the technical project, from the initial concept of the idea to the final implementation of the entire event, which involved more than 220,000 fans at the Enzo Ferrari Park on 1st July 2017.

The largest music event ever will be explained in the smallest details on Sunday 6th May from 2:00 to 6:00 pm, at the opening meeting of the third edition of Music Inside Rimini 2018, entitled ´At MIR: Our Modena Park´ , dedicated to industry and trade members. In the course of the afternoon the experts of Vasco Rossi´s technical staff, of the calibre of , sound engineer Andrea Corsellini, , lighting designer Giovanni Pinna, , head of video content Marco Piva, director Peppe Romano and stage manager Diego Spagnoli will reveal the ´behind the scenes´ dynamics of an event of this type.

Sponsored by leading companies such as RM Multimedia and Clay Paky, the meeting will be free of charge, following registration on the event´s official Web site
It must be remembered that Music Inside Rimini, organized by Italian Exhibition Group SpA (IEG), is the only event in Europe dedicated entirely to music and entertainment that enables visitors to test technology from leading companies live. The third edition will be held from 6th to 8th May at Rimini expo centre and will involve the entire product chain, with an original format that, by means of dedicated events, brings together b2b, b2expert and the public.

Organizers: Italian Exhibition Group SpA in collaboration with APIAS, SILB FIPE, ENA; Frequency: annual; Edition: 3rd; Admission: trade members and general public; Italian show director: Patrizia Cecchi; Division Group Brand manager: Marco Borroni; Brand manager: Romina Magnani; Exhibitor info: Elisa Limatola, tel .+39 0541-744304, mail; Web site:

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