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Innovative format for the appointment from 6th to 8th May 2018 at Rimini expo centre where, in collaboration with the expo, on Saturday 16th September Laura Pausini is holding her Official 2017 Fan Club Party. The ´Music Week!´ will be the absolutely new feature of the next edition

.Rimini, 13th September 2017 . The warm-up has begun for the preparation of the third edition of Music inside Rimini, organized by Italian Exhibition Group SpA (IEG). The staffs of the only event in Europe dedicated entirely to music and entertainment that enables visitors to test the sector´s leading companies´ technology live, is already at work for the appointment that will run at Rimini expo centre from 6th to 8th May.
Music Inside Rimini involves the entire product chain with an original format that, by means of dedicated events, brings together b2b, b2expert and public. This year there will be a really exceptional ´preview´ at the Laura Pausini 100% Fanclub Party, which will be held on Saturday 16th September also in the Rimini expo centre. In fact, the singer has decided to return to her homeland . Romagna . for this important annual event.
So Music Inside Rimini starts off again in a big way, reconfirming a format that has turned out to be a winner and which brings together the two large sectors of show business: professional and amateur. Technology connected with lighting, audio, rigging, video, design and clubbing will thus once more be highlighted by the functional IEG venue and organization.
But it will also assume an important innovative significance. In fact, in 2018 the expo event will be part of a wider context, i.e. the original ´Music Week!´, being held from the weekend of Saturday 28th April, dedicated to Music inside Festival, which will once more confirm a top-level line-up. Music Inside Festival will open these two weekends of great new features, ending in a crescendo with Music Inside Rimini, from 6th to 8th May. They will be incredible exciting days, with appointments and meetings orbiting round all styles of music. Stay tuned!

Organizers: IEG SpA in collaboration with APIAS, SILB FIPE, ENA; Frequency: annual; Edition: 3rd; Admission: trade members and general public; Italian show director: Patrizia Cecchi; Sport & Entertainment coordinator: Marco Borroni; Brand manager: Romina Magnani; Exhibitor info: Elisa Limatola, tel. +39 0541744304, e-mail; Web site:

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