The project is dedicated to professional video companies:

-Live production and transmission 
-Mobile production and OB systems
-Virtual reality


In addition to the exhibition area, a rich program of  workshops on the most current topics, like  drones, 306° immersive video, training credits.  Some advances:

1. 360 VR Training Course
The workshop is dedicated to training operators able to create and develop 360°immersive videos: understanding the software, recording techniques, working with the 360° technology

2. Live VTR Area
In collaboration with VisionAir Media Pro, a basketball court will be reproduced with a mobile production set-up, to ensure a detailed insight on a technology connected with the coverage of sports events

3. Live Drone Area
The area is dedicated to drones used for shows and concerts; in collaboration with Attiva.

4. Training Credits
The training course with the issue of training credits for video journalists, is organized in collaboration with Rai Emilia Romagna on the topic «Live video interview management using 5G technology»